Supporting our Community – Making Verona a great place to live for all Verona residents

As Mayor, I support:

  • A Vibrant Downtown – Our downtown is important and all Verona residents benefit when our downtown does well
  • Quality city services
  • Supporting community spaces like our parks
    • This includes building new pickleball courts
  • Maintaining our good relationship with the Verona school district

Responsible Development – Keeping Verona’s Hometown feel even as we grow

Development in Verona should be:

  • Supportive of good jobs
  • Walkable and bikeable
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Fiscally sustainable
  • Inclusive of a variety of housing options, include options accessible to middle class families

Protecting the Environment – a lot of green initiatives are worth doing on their own, but they have a side benefit of saving money or even generating a little money.

  • Invest in renewal energy – not only is this cleaner energy, it can even return some money to the city.
  • Protect Verona’s natural areas
  • Conserve energy – this is the responsible thing to do and it can help us save money.
  • Expand the use of electric vehicles


Key components of accountability in city government are:

  • Transparency – it’s important that the city is transparent about it’s actions, responds promptly to open records requests, and makes information freely available to residents and reporters.
  • Staff accountability – A part of the job of being Mayor is making sure city departments are well run and serving the public.

Fiscal Responsibility – no matter what you’re trying to do at the city level, you need a solid fiscal foundation.

  • Minimize city borrowing
  • Keep the city’s aa1 bond rating – the city achieved this improved rating in 2023, and I am proud of this accomplishment and plan to keep it.
  • Prudent budgeting – this includes appropriately funding equipment replacement funds and contingency funds.

Economic Development

  • Support development that includes good jobs
  • Work to continue to develop our downtown – downtown development can be an economic driver for the entire community.
  • Support development that includes both residential and commercial retail.  Putting people by businesses means the businesses are close to potential customers or employees.